Constantin Brancusi: Four Bronzes

Thomas Gibson Fine Art Ltd. is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Constantin Brancusi: Four Bronzes, opening at the gallery on October 1st - October 30th 2015.


This exhibition of bronze sculptures by Brancusi will be a small but highly selective show, focusing on the following key works: Le Poisson (1924-6); Mademoiselle Pogány II (1920); Jeune Fille Sophistiquée (Portrait of Nancy Cunard) (1928-32); and Le Coq (1924). The show is curated by the gallery Director, Hugh Gibson, who showcases these pivotal works in a way that celebrates the importance of bronze in Brancusi's oeuvre; a material that he reserved for his more metaphysical explorations. The works have come from the Brancusi estate collection.


The Romanian Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) caused uproar in the public domain and awe in his contemporaries throughout Europe and America as he paved the way with his essentialist methodology and placed himself firmly at the forefront of modernist sculpture. His avant-garde portraits of animals and humans alike manifest themselves as beaming absolutist formsFrom the jagged motif of Le Coq to the flowing curves of his one-time acquaintance, Mademoiselle Pogány, the viewer is invited to gaze at their reflection in the highly polished surfaces and delight in their illustrious forms.


We proudly continue Brancusi's legacy with our display, Constantin Brancusi: Four Bronzes. Jérôme Neutres writes the short essay Metaphysical Mirrors to accompany the fully illustrated catalogue published by Thomas Gibson Fine Art Ltd. for the exhibition.