Thomas Gibson Fine Art Advisory Services

I have never advocated buying purely as an investment, rather believing that pleasure and life enhancement should be the collector's motive. However, statistics prove that in a selective number of cases over the last two decades art has hugely outperformed the world's stock markets.

In May 1996 Thomas Gibson retired as Chairman of Thomas Gibson Fine Art Limited and founded Thomas Gibson Fine Art Advisory Services to assist clients in acquiring and disposing of works of art.

Services offered by Thomas Gibson to his clients include:

  • Sourcing the right work
  • Knowing whether the work is authentic and assessing its condition
  • Knowing what works could come on the market
  • Understanding the present and future markets for a particular artist
  • Having the skill to acquire a work at the most favourable price
  • The disposal of collections at the most advantageous prices through dealers and auction houses alike.

This is the expertise for which an advisor is paid. Thomas Gibson's artistic and commercial experience of more than 40 years makes him well qualified for this undertaking.